Tomas Svoboda - Recordings

"String Quartets (Vol. I) - Nos. 1-4"

Svoboda Music from Bohemia CD

Performed by:

Martinů Quartet
     Lubomír Havlák - 1st Violin
     Petr Mateják- 2nd Violin
     Jan Jísa - Viola
     Jitka Vasánková - Cello

Recorded at ArcoDiva Studios in Prague-Domovina (Czech Republic); Jan. 27, Apr. 23, Sept. 16, 2005
Recording Director: Jaroslav Krček
Sound Engineers: Václav Roubal, Karel Soukeník
Cover photo:"Sand Images" by Tomas Svoboda
Year Released: 2006
Total Timing: 76:32
North Pacific Music: NPM LD 022

CD Recording: $15.00 USD
Contact: North Pacific Music to order CD.

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STRING QUARTET No. 1, Op.29 (1960)
[11:00] (32p.) (TCS-61)
Score & parts: $27.00.
Music Available from: smp logo

 [1] Allegretto view listen
 [2] Allegro comodo view listen
 [3] Andantino view listen
 [4] Allegro vivace view listen

STRING QUARTET No. 2, Op.151 (1996)
[23:00] (39p.) (TCS-93)
Level of Difficulty: Very Advanced
Score & parts: $35.00 USD
Contact Publisher for current status in inventory.

[1] Adagio - Allegro view listen
[2] Andantino pizzicato view listen
[3] Lento moderato -
      Molto vivace
view listen

Other works on this CD:

STRING QUARTET No. 3, Op.175 (2002)

* Audio clips for this work can be found at North Pacific Music.
STRING QUARTET No. 4, Op.179 (with Bass Drum) (2002)

* Audio clips for this work can be found at North Pacific Music.

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