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Tomas Svoboda
Miscellaneous Works

Last updated: Aug. 4, 2017
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AUTUMN for Koto, Op.110 (1982-83)
[14:30] (15p.) (TCS-99)
Score: $14.00 USD
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[3] Lento rubato -
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* Audio sample from Mitsuki Dazai CD "Autumn", available from North Pacific Music.
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FIVE ESSAYS for Shaku-hachi & Three Kotos, Op.70 (1974-75)
[12:00] (20p.)
Score in preparation. Contact Publisher for current status.)
SANCTUARY for Five Japanese Instruments, Op.130 (1987)
Instr.: Shaku-hachi, 2 Kotos, Semishan (Sangen), Bass Koto

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