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"Piano Concertos"

Svoboda CD Cover

Performed by:

Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
   Neal Gittleman, cond.
   Norman Krieger, piano
   Tomas Svoboda, piano
Recorded at: Memorial Hall
   (Dayton, Ohio; Feb. & Nov. 1999)
Produced, Engineered & Mastering:
   Adam Abeshouse
Cover Design: Tom Hughes/
   Hughes Group
Year Released: 2001
Total Timing: ca. 63:00
Label: Artisie 4 Recordings: 1006
CD available at:

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CONCERTO No. 1 for Piano & Orchestra, Op.71 (1974)
[19:00] (75p.) (TCS-49)
Instr.: Pno solo/1111/1100/Timp/Strings.
Parts on rental
Performers on CD:
   Dayton Philharmonic
   Neal Gittleman, cond.
   Tomas Svoboda, soloist.
(Contact Publisher for availability of two-piano reduction score.)
Full Score (9x12): $42.50 USD
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[*one movmt. work]
 [1] Allegro · Allegro moderato · Allegro · Moderato · Presto · Cadenza · Allegro view listen
 [2] (Another sheet
        music sample)
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CONCERTO No. 2 for Piano & Orchestra, Op.134 (1989)
[45:00] (177p.) (TCS-56)
Instr.: Piano solo/3232/4331/Timp/4 perc/Strings
Parts on rental
Performers on CD:
   Dayton Philharmonic
   Neal Gittleman, cond.
   Norman Krieger, soloist.
(Score [2-Piano reduction]: contact Publisher for availability status.)
Full Score (9x12): $89.00 USD
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 [1] Allegro ma non
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 [1] Lento rubato
view listen
 [2] Lento recitativo view listen
 [3] Presto view listen

* Additional audio samples of this work can be found at the following website: Artisie 4 Recordings

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